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There is something magical about taking a piece of raw material and envisioning what it can become. 

I typically start with a flat piece of metal and several tools that I have crafted.  Hours of hammering, shaping, soldering, and refining yield a thing of beauty.

Petina is sometimes seduced from the metal and then protective finishes are applied to ensure the long term health of the vibrant colors that emerge.  Each piece is absolutely unique in the world.

Bring me your ideas, your inspiration, and I will be happy to create for you.  Found objects of special significance can be incorporated.  Finished items can be made in any size, from tiny, finely crafted masterpieces that can sit on a shelf to stately pieces that command attention.

Whistle.  12 inches by 5 inches by 5 inches.  Fully functional with multiple pitches.  Crafted from solid sheet copper.  Inspired by a Triumph motorcycle.

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